The mission of the Ann Guerin Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to certain active members of the Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority who qualify to receive it. The Fund is supported exclusively by private donations from alumnae of the sorority, their family, and friends. The recipients will use the moneys awarded to defray educational expenses and will not incur any obligation to repay the Fund.

Ann Guerin (nee Mabee) attended USC from 1951-1955. She joined Kappa Alpha Theta and was initiated in 1952. Ann was the daughter of Esperanza Brittingham Mabee (Omicron Theta Class of 1927) and William Mabee (USC Dental School Class of 1931). Prior to attending USC, Ann attended Westlake High School in West Los Angeles, where she was honored as May Day Queen. Ann was a beautiful, charming and vivacious young woman. Much admired by her peers, she was a USC Homecoming Princess.

After graduating she married John Patrick (“Rick”) Guerin and they raised two daughters Camille and Elizabeth and a son John Patrick Guerin III. Ann unexpectedly died on July 27, 1981. To honor her memory, her husband Rick and one of her loving pledge sisters and close friend, Marilyn Davis Jones, established the Ann Guerin Friendship Fund at the Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. They wanted her to be remembered and the mission of the Friendship Fund is to assist Omicron sisters in need.

The four-generation deep family’s ties between the Ann Guerin family and the University of Southern California and Kappa Alpha Theta are continuing and expanding because Ann’s granddaughter, Holly Dickinson graduated from USC in 2015 and earned a BS degree in Neuroscience and is an enthusiastic alumna of the Omicron Chapter.

Here’s what Holly had to say, “My whole life people have told me that I look just like my grandmother, Ann Mabee Guerin. This is such a huge compliment, as my grandmother emulated beauty and grace. Although I never had the chance to meet her, the stories I hear about her from family and friends has given me such a wonderful picture of her essence. As I’ve grown up, people continue to compare me to my grandmother, not just in looks but also in personality. Joining Theta only solidified this growing connection between the two of us. My grandmother’s little sister, Eleanor Mabee Reed, was also a Theta at USC. She shares with me so many stories of her and my grandmother during their early years. She recalls when the Theta house was under construction and a couple of their sorority sisters were living in a garage in downtown. She said that although the conditions were not ideal, her big sister made the best of the situation by cooking delicious meals and maintaining a positive attitude. This seems to be a continued trend when hearing stories about my grandmother: she cares about others and maintains grace in any situation. After her passing in 1981, her Theta sisters were the first ones there to help my mom and her siblings. My mom even chuckles recalling how many of her mom’s friends stepped up to help with her wedding and bridal showers. This is what Theta is all about – making lifelong friendships that extend beyond the four years of college. These friendships have gotten my mom through the pain of losing her mom and have continued to live on even today. At the Fabulous 125 in 2012, I had the chance to meet even more friends of my grandmother. Hearing stories about her has made it clear to me the motivation of her friend’s who started the Friendship Fund. In honoring her passing, they have created a way for her giving and caring spirit to live on through generations to come.”

The continuation of the good work of the Ann Guerin Scholarship Fund depends upon the continued charitable donations of Omicron alumnae and their families. Every dollar of tax deductible contributions will be used to defray the educational expenses of some current active member of the USC chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. The greater the eleemosynary kindness of our donors, the greater the number of sisters in the sorority who will benefit from the financial aid distributed. Because no costs are charged by the Omicron Corporation Board for administering the Fund, every dollar received from our generous donors will go to a deserving Omicron sister. So please give generously to this worthwhile cause. The steps to donate are provided at the end of this information bulletin.

The officers of the Omicron Chapter are entrusted with the responsibility to recognize a financial need of active members of the sorority. The need may arise due to a variety of causes and presents economic challenges that are not due to any act of the Omicron Member. In order to implement the mission of the Ann Guerin Scholarship Fund, the Corporation Board established the following criteria for selecting a recipient:

  • She must be enrolled as a student in the University of Southern California.
  • She must be an active member of the Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority.
  • She shall have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • She must demonstrate leadership potential in the Omicron Chapter.
  • She must demonstrate leadership potential on the USC campus.
  • She must show need for financial aid for educational expenses.

The applicant who is active member must present a confidential statement to the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer of the Omicron Chapter describing her situation and need for financial assistance, what the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority means to her, and how she plans to meet future financial responsibilities. After evaluating that statement the Corporation Board will make an award (not a loan) to her from the Ann Guerin Scholarship Fund.

How to Make a Donation to the Ann Guerin Scholarship Fund:

Tax Deductible Donations must be made to payable online at http//  

  1. Click “I am making a new one time gift.” 
  2. Click “Please direct my gift to a specific school and program.” 
  3. Click – “University Life.” Click – “USC/KAPPA ALPHA ANN GUERIN SCHLOARSHIP FUND.” 
  4. Enter the dollar amount of your donation and make a gift.