Meet our Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Maya Weber!

Fostering a more diverse, inclusive environment…

“The role of the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) is to collaborate with their chapter (for me, with Kappa Alpha Theta) and the DEI chairs of the other chapters in the Panhellenic community to find ways to dismantle the systemic policies currently in place, at both chapter and national levels. Essentially, we are working to effectively change flawed traditions in Greek Life, such as recruitment, and implement new customs and ideals that appeal to a broader and more diverse group of people.”

“When I first joined Kappa Alpha Theta last spring, I was disappointed to experience first-hand the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the Greek community. When I learned about the opportunity to apply for DEI chair (which then turned into CDEIO), it really excited me! Making Greek Life more diverse has always been something I’ve found really important and something that I’ve been passionate about since joining Theta. Now that I am CDEIO, I think it is amazing that I get the chance to be more involved in Theta and Panhellenic and help make a big impact in a community that I associate with. Along with the impact, I took on this position because I believe it will be an important learning opportunity for myself, as well as the rest of our members, to learn more about the problems of oppression and racism that have prevailed in the Greek system for too long, and to work together to address and overcome these issues as we progress.”

Steps Towards Change

“We are currently working through different assignments, including History, Membership Education, Policy and Guidelines Review with Anti-Racist Lens, Traditions, Social Life, and Recruitment, and finding ways to revise these categories so that they adhere to new Panhellenic guidelines. Efforts include changing the language of chapter and Panhellenic bylaws to use more inclusive language such as “they/them”, reviewing and modifying old traditions, changing recruitment rules to accommodate a more diverse group of people, bringing in guest speakers to educate current chapter members on implicit bias and microaggressions, and collaborating with other DEI chairs to find new ways to ultimately make our Panhellenic community more diverse and inclusive.”

– Maya Weber

Contact Info

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